Saving America

We are now at a transitional time in American history. Do we want to keep America as a nation of hard work and self reliance or become a nation of people dependent on government. If that happens we will all be slaves in a sense. We will have government over the people instead of government for the people and by the people. Will America continue to take a leadership role in the world or will we become afraid of asserting ourselves?
Voting is no longer enough. We must all do far more than that to save our country. There are a crucial two years ahead of us as we try to defeat the tragedy of Obamunism. These are TEA PARTY TIMES.

Friday, November 13, 2009

We all remember how Bush took so much heat from the left wing talking heads during Katrina. Now we have the Obama administration mismanaging the flu crisis. So many vaccinations promised and so few delivered. And these are the folks who want our health care to be government controlled. Well......we're getting a first hand glimpse of how that would go HUH? The death toll now from swine flu is 4000 in America. In a few more weeks or months the death toll from swine flu in America will exceed the total number of military killed in Iraq ! Will the media get on Obamas case about this? NO !

Skipping to another topic........I'm enjoying the frenzy in the leftist media about Palin. The trash Palin effort is shifting to high gear again now that she is on tour and selling her book faster than pizza in New York City. I laughed when CNN tried to turn some poll figures into a negative since ONLY one third of the country feels she should be president. Are you kidding? She isn't even a candidate and is not campaigning (in the ture sense) and she ALREADY has one third of the country behind her. WOW! How would Nancy Pelosi do comapred to that. And I'm waiting for the poll that will pit Palin against Obama in a national election held today. I bet she would have a very strong showing if not actually beating the messiah.

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