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We are now at a transitional time in American history. Do we want to keep America as a nation of hard work and self reliance or become a nation of people dependent on government. If that happens we will all be slaves in a sense. We will have government over the people instead of government for the people and by the people. Will America continue to take a leadership role in the world or will we become afraid of asserting ourselves?
Voting is no longer enough. We must all do far more than that to save our country. There are a crucial two years ahead of us as we try to defeat the tragedy of Obamunism. These are TEA PARTY TIMES.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Brother came late but he's here.

I'm beginning to feel that our country is at a crossroads in our history. Will the good people of this country allow America to become socialist and in so doing become dependent on government control of our most basic needs? Will hard working citizens bring home less and less pay so that the government can waste most of it and feed the rest back to the lazy. Will our health and our old age become nothing more than a statistic for analysts to use in determining what services we warrant ......and what service we will be denied? Maybe it won't be as up front as a death counselor but more or less the same.

This country has always shown compassion for those truly in need and we did it under a capitalist system. We have our share of people who fall through the cracks and we've always tried to help those who want to help themselves. Isn't it time that some focus be given to the 90% of the population that do the right thing? Let us have less government intervention in our lives, let the free market work, let companys fail if they must and let good ideas bring great rewards. Let America go back to being America and it will fix itself far better than the politicians now running things.

Soon I may not even be able to do this blog. It appears our President is attempting to acquire power that would allow him to shut down the internet ! Well.............I guess Al Gore will get upset about that since he created the internet, or so he claims.

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