Saving America

We are now at a transitional time in American history. Do we want to keep America as a nation of hard work and self reliance or become a nation of people dependent on government. If that happens we will all be slaves in a sense. We will have government over the people instead of government for the people and by the people. Will America continue to take a leadership role in the world or will we become afraid of asserting ourselves?
Voting is no longer enough. We must all do far more than that to save our country. There are a crucial two years ahead of us as we try to defeat the tragedy of Obamunism. These are TEA PARTY TIMES.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Go Sarah

I've always enjoyed a good read but until yesterday the last book that really inspired me in some fashion was the best seller, "It's not about the Bike" by Lance Armstrong. Then my copy of Sarah Palins book arrived in the mail. I'm only 50 pages into it but it's a great read because it made me feel from my gut that this woman knows what America has been and should continue to be. Just 50 pages made me feel good about America and pumped up to know that we finally have a leader who finds it easy to be honest, easy to love her country, and easy to express herself to regular folks. At the same time I'm feeling a bit down on the Republican establishment which in my opinion is not jumping on this chance. Palin, or may I say Sarah, does not need pros to tell her what her opinion should be or how to become popular. She knows and she is and its oh so natural. I don't expect her to do anything but keep climbing the ladder after her book tour and those of us who her smart will help this storm develop and sweep her in to the White House.

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