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We are now at a transitional time in American history. Do we want to keep America as a nation of hard work and self reliance or become a nation of people dependent on government. If that happens we will all be slaves in a sense. We will have government over the people instead of government for the people and by the people. Will America continue to take a leadership role in the world or will we become afraid of asserting ourselves?
Voting is no longer enough. We must all do far more than that to save our country. There are a crucial two years ahead of us as we try to defeat the tragedy of Obamunism. These are TEA PARTY TIMES.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Columbia County Tea Party

It's been just 7 weeks since I founded the Claverack Tea Party. But I soon found that f0lks from other towns in our great county wanted in. At first I resisited wanting to keep it very local but now I'm pumped at allthe energy out there in our county. We've been averaging about four new sympathizers for each week of our existence. The goal of course is to have a Tea Party voting block that can turn a local election one way or another and I include State Assembly in the term "local". But there is no reason that one county especially if coordinating with an active Tea Party group in a neighboring county can't turn the tide in congressional elections as well.

If you've found your way to this site please come back and visit. You may also decide to join us or convince others too if you are already involved. Very soon we will have an e-newsletter called Our Town Too to counter the liberal vantage point of our local mag "Our Town". Thank you again.

Ed Fertik

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